Name of Composer Mikhail Gnesin to Appear in Avenue of Stars in Rostov

Residents of Rostov chose a new name to  appear in the Avenue of Stars. The winner of the vote is a composer, a teacher, a music and public figure M. Gnesin, who was born on January 21, 1883 in Rostov. He headed the Department of Music History at the Archaeological Institute, took part in the work of most institutions as a music consultant, a lecturer, an organizer of concerts, he accompanied his lectures not only with concerts, but also with exhibitions of paintings, which were significant events in the cultural life of Rostov. In 1916, together with other enthusiasts, he created the Rimsky-Korsakov Music Library. After the establishment of the Soviet regime in the city, M. Gnesin was appointed Head of the Music Section of the Don Department of Public Education. He was the Rector of the Don State Conservatory. On his initiative, three children's music schools began to work in Rostov, one of them, opened in Nakhichevan, was later named after him.

The Avenue of Stars in Rostov commemorates famous Rostovites.  It has stars in honor of the Soviet scientist Yu. Zhdanov, the master of circus art V. Levshin, the weightlifter I. Udodov, Lieutenant of the Red Army A. Pechersky and other residents of our region who glorified the Don capital.


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