Between Business and Safety of Residents

The city authorities consider summer areas and verandas of cafes and restaurants of the regional capital an optimal solution both for the business and city residents. So, during the period of easing restrictions, 80 sites were opened. Their activities are under constant control - about 300 inspections were carried out, most of them were repeated. The city authorities use severity with those who grossly violate the rules of work in the current sanitary and epidemiological conditions, three illegal summer catering sites were dismantled in July in Rostov-on-Don – at Malyugina St, 100; Suvorova Ave., 72-74; Krasnoarmeyskaya St, 170/84. The city administration makes advances to business, but the health of Rostovites and city visitors is an indisputable priority. And the instructions of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights must be strictly observed.


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