From Rostov Region Away to the Sea: What Interregional Routes Opened from July 1

Donavtovokzal published a new schedule for bus routes around the region and to other regions. Starting from July 1, it is possible to go to Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Anapa and Gelendzhik from Volgodonsk, to Eysk, Gelendzhik and Krasnodar from Gukovo and to Gelendzhik from Taganrog. From July 1, daily trips were resumed from Rostov-on-Don to Nalchik, Moscow, Makhachkala, Belgorod, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Pyatigorsk and Yalta, to Stavropol from Rostov and Novocherkassk. Buses started to go to Moscow and Budennovsk from Taganrog (every other day). Buses go to Nalchik from Volgodonsk, and to Pyatigorsk from Gukovo. From July 2, new trips will open to Sevastopol and Yevpatoria from Rostov.


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