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From Embankment to Botanic Garden: Top 10 Places for Jogging in Rostov:

From Embankment to Botanic Garden: Top 10 Places for Jogging in Rostov

Three months of self-isolation have certainly left their mark on the city dwellers’ figures. If you got out of shape and decided to start jogging, we can provide you with a list of the best places to do sports in Rostov. Dynamo Stadium: before the reconstruction, it was possible to run even on the track and field courses, which got out of order over the time. Now, new ones are set up, but it is harder to get there – they are fenced. You can go running on the stadium, but on the pavement only. Rowing Canal and Aquatoria: these are ones of favorite places of Rostovites for doing exercises and sports. You can easily go for a run and have a rest near the water in peace.  Don Embankment: if you want to go jogging on the embankment, you’d better come in the morning, when there are few people there and it is not so hot.  Levoberezhny Park: if you want to go for a run along the Don River in the evening, you’d rather go to Levoberezhny Park. There are fewer people there, and you can enjoy an evening view of Rostov. Botanic Garden: it is an ideal place for fans of cross country jogging. There are few places like this in Rostov. It is very interesting to do sports there, but you should carefully watch your feet. There are many sticks on the paths, sometimes you can see rubbish left by visitors. Druzhba Park in Kapustin Street: if you are a resident of the Northern Residential Area and have no wish to go to the center, Druzhba Park is a good place for jogging. After sport activities, you will be able to have a rest on the shore of the Northern Water Reservoir  or just sit on the bench or on the lawn. Arsenal Stadium: it is located in Vtoraya Krasnodarskaya Street, which makes it convenient for residents of the Western Residential Area. Of course, it cannot boast a modern surface, but still it is pleasant to go running there. Revolution Park: first, you can run along the park’s alleys and then go in for sports on the span-new sports ground. The main disadvantage is that the park is always crowded. Garden square of the Don State Technical University: it is not the most comfortable place for jogging. There are no special paths and the asphalt is not the best. Aviators Park: people run along bike lanes. If you want to go in for sports, be careful and don’t forget to give way to cyclists.


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