Colored Wigs, Masks and Amazing Costumes: Tanibata 2019 Festival

On July 13 and 14, Tanibata, an annual multicultural festival, takes place for the fifteenth time. Hundreds of residents of Rostov and other Russian cities and towns take part in the show. They turn into characters of their favorite films, shows, books and comic strips. The first Tanibata Festival took place in 2005. It continues for 2 days in July. There is another festival called Nyan Fest, it takes place in late February. It is timed to the Cat Festival in Japan. The word “tanibata” sounds similar to Tanabata, a Japanese festival. It is a festival of stars, which is also called Hoshi no Matsuri. The festival is related to a romantic story about two stars that fell in love with each other as humans. Malevolent fate drove them apart, but they can meet in the sky once a year – on July 7. Thanks to the legend, the Japanese festival appeared, and thanks to the latter Rostov Tanibata originated.

Для гостей и участников фестиваля отведена специальная зона развлечений. Тут проходят мастер-классы и игры

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