Treasures of Moscow Art Theater at Sholokhov Center

Moscow Art Theater – 20th century. Theater Treasures is the name of an exhibition which takes place today at the Rostov branch of the Sholokhov Museum Preserve. The Museum of the Moscow Art Theater prepared this exhibition specifically for the Sholokhov Center. It presents exhibits related to Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko – who set up the iconic company, great actors that performed on the theater’s stage over the years. Genuine treasures are presented right in the first hall: costumes for Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich, a performance based on the play by Aleksey Tolstoy. The history of the Moscow Art Theater began from this performance in autumn 1898; however, it was called the Moscow Art Public Theater then. A great part of the exposition focuses on performances of the theater based on plays by Chekhov. And it is not due to the fact that Chekhov hails from this region, and the Museum of the Moscow Art Theater put emphasis on the regional component. Chekhov is inseparably related to the history of the theater. Presently, the Museum of the Moscow Art Theater has 330,000 items in its funds. About 200 theatrical treasures are brought to the Sholokhov Center. They will stay the whole summer in Rostov: the exposition is open till September 9.


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