Memorial plaques to Writer Vladimir Sidorov and Surgeon Petr Kovalenko to be Inaugurated in Rostov

New memorial plaques as tribute to Professor Petr Kovalenko, Doctor of Medicine, Alexander Pechersky, who organized an uprising in Sobibor extermination camp, and writer Vladimir Sidorov will be inaugurated in Rostov.

The memorial plaque to Kovalenko will appear on the building of hospital surgery at Nakhichevansky Lane 38V, where he worked fr om 1946 through 2008. The plaque commemorating Pechersky will be installed on the facade of the building of Zheldorremmash Company at Stavsky Avenue 1/5. And the plaque to Sidorov will be installed on the facade of the high-rise building at Budennovsky Avenue 1b, wh ere the writer lived from 1977 through 2006.


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