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Presentation of Books by Famous Scholars from Rostov:

Presentation of Books by Famous Scholars from Rostov

The event takes place on April 4 in the historical park Russia is My History.

The book Cossacks of the South of Russia during World War I by G. Matishov and A. Venkov is a well-illustrated edition which introduces to characteristics of Cossack troops of the South of Russia.

Ancient People of the Area between the Don and the Kagalnik Rivers is the second volume of the collection of materials and research on archeology of the South of Russia. It is based on scientific research of the local legend in archeology E. Bespaly and work of S. Lukyashko, who composed it. The book deals with excavations by the Primorsky unit of the Azov and Donets Archeological expedition. Drawings of findings and schemes of burial mounds and sites make it possible to use the materials for broad academic generalizations. 


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