Monuments to the Literary Characters of Mikhail Sholokhov

Monuments to the Literary Characters of Mikhail Sholokhov
Nakhalenok, who in one of Sholokhov’s “The Don Stories” is actually called Mishka, and ded Schukar appeared at the Rostov embankment, at the corner of Semashko Avenue and Beregovaya Street, in 1976. The nickname of a funny old man with peaked beard from the novel “Virgin Soil Upturned”, who keeps going into a mess, is well remembered by everyone. And the character was actually nonfictional. Old man with nickname Schukar (fishing for pike, schuka – in Russian) dwelled in Gremiachy Log farmstead. His real name is Timotheus Vorobiev. However nobody called him Timotheus in real life, just like in the novel. He got his nickname when yet a boy, and it stuck to him till his last day. Ded Schukar was good in carpentry and was a head of the team of carpenters. Timotheus was a frequent visitor at Sholokhov’s house.

And Nakhalenok was so much adored by city residents, that it was not enough for the Don capital to have just single sculpture. At Pushkinskaya Street next to the House of Infant (Civil Registry Office) and today it is the  Representation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia one more statue “Nakhalenok with Geese” appeared in 1979 – statue of Mishka with a flock of geese. The sculpture was moved to Marriage Registration Hall at Universitetsky Lane. It happened after some pilferers greedy for gain have stolen the statue to yield it as non-ferrous scrap. Every city resident followed the investigation by Kirovsky Police station with sinking heart. And in a couple of days they were traced up, and the sculpture was also found, and fast restored.   

The author of decorative sculptures is Nikolai Mozhaev, well-known sculptor from the Don area, Honored Artist of the USSR (Ukraine), Sholokhov Award Winner.

Sculpture composition: “Gregory and Aksinia in a Boat” – monument to the characters of the cult novel “Quiet Flows the Don” by Mikhail Sholokhov was installed within the scope of the program for improvement of the Don capital image. The sculpture shows both characters in a rowing boat, one side of which is dragged onto the heap of stones.

The figures of Sholokhov characters boast the unchanged popularity with the city visitors. There is no tourist rout around the Don capital, which shall not take you to the figures of Sholokhov literary characters at the Rostov embankment. 
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