Pokrovsky park

Pokrovsky park (Intercession park)

Upon entering the park is a monument to the first water main. 142 years ago at the same place thanks to the outstanding governor Andrei Baikov was installed the first column. Then the length of the Rostov water is only 5 kilometers. Today, its length is equal to two distances from Rostov to Moscow.
Sculpture bronze height 2,2 meters is a woman, collect water from the column. In the 19th century it fell on the shoulders of women's obligation to provide water to the entire family.

June 25, 2007 in the heart of Rostov-on-Don in the Pokrovsky park with a monument to the Empress Elizabeth. Author of the monument, sculptor Sergey Oleshnya.
The height of the monument is more than 7 meters. The very figure of Elizabeth, high relief, salaries and decrees were cast in bronze and weigh about three tons, the weight of the granite pedestal is about 50 tons.

Holy Virgin Protection Church (Old Virgin Church)

Rostov-on-Don, B. Sadovaya Str. (Pokrovsky park)
Old Virgin temple is located in the center of the Don capital in the Pokrovsky park, where for three centuries, we've seen three Orthodox churches.
The first was a wooden Church of the Intercession, in 1735 on a log rolled over into the fortress of Dimitry Rostovsky abolished the fortress of St. Anna. The wooden church was replaced by second Pokrovsky temple, which operated 111 years. According to legend, in its belfry were the very first in the town clock tower. In 1897 he was laid grand stone building with a majestic 75-meter bell tower over the porch. The temple was built by merchant George Pustovoitov in memory of his wife.
Stone in the foundation of modern Pokrovsky temple was laid in February 2005. Church built the world - not just the Rostov, but the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk region. It turned out very nicely: shining gold dome, solemnly echoed seven bells. Entrance to the temple is decorated with elaborate mosaic, and the doors - carving handwork. Inside the church - the white marble walls and blue arches, floors made of granite maroon color. Iconostasis carved from white marble master of the Urals village Koegly. Church painted by artists from Novocherkassk. 

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