Warrior Fountain

Warrior Fountain is located at the corner of Budennovsky Avenue and Krasnoarmeyskaya Street in front of First Pioneer Rally Square Garden. It features a figure of a hero slaying the dragon with his sword. The sculpture of the fountain is officially called “A Warrior Slashing the Dragon’s Head with his sword”. The fountain recounts one of the most popular stories – a battle between good and evil. The dragon is one of the most common and widest-spread fabulous creatures, it is usually portrayed as a winged snake; it is a general name for serpent-like mythical creatures. Authors of the fountain are sculptors Sergey Korolkov and Evgeny Vuchetich. The fountain was installed before the Great Patriotic War, in the 1930s. Now, the fountain is gilded, and it is gleaming in the sun, attracting passers-by from far off.

In the Soviet times, the fountain was one of the most beautiful and most powerful in the city. It underwent regular maintenance, service and was in a fine state – water jetted strongly into the air and streamed down, forming an artificial waterfall. Recently, the fountain has been restored and continues to be a joyful site for Rostovites and visitors. Notably, a private sponsor paid for restoration works of Warrior Fountain. After the reconstruction, the city is again responsible for repairs and maintenance of Warrior Fountain.

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