Fountain of the Rostselmash Cultural Center

Fountain of the Rostselmash Cultural Center

The Rostselmash Cultural Center is one of the best architectural landmarks of Rostov-on-Don. The building was constructed in 1961. Architect Aleksey Mulik designed its project. Its columns, capitals and crowning cornice emphasize grandeur and splendor of the monumental building. Its main entrance is decorated with sculptural bas-reliefs of the frontispiece, which are made of stone. It houses a huge audience hall with great acoustics and an opera studio, now many hobby groups and amateur performance groups function there. On the first floor, there is the People’s Museum of Military and Labor Glory of the Rostselmash Plant, which tells about the history of the plant and manufacturing of combine harvesters in the country.

Since 1979, the fountain has been a gem of the square in front of the Center. The fountain is located right in front of the Center’s entrance, in front of the building’s front façade, it is surrounded with lawns and flower beds that enhance an overall decorative concept of the space, emphasizing the main entrance. The fountain manifests Classical style, like the Cultural Center itself, and is a crown jewel of the square. The classical, elegant fountain delights the eye of every visitor of the Cultural Center and local residents.

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