Rostov Girl Fountain

The newest fountain of Rostov with a most original story is located on the embankment near  Soborny Lane. Its history dates back to a monument to a Rostov girl designed by the famous sculptor A. Sknarin way back in the 1980s. The idea was to capture the beauty  of female residents of the southern city. It was rumored that Anatoly Sknarin had engaged his wife as a model for the monument. The artist dismissed the version, but he said that his wife was a prototype for the image. In 2014, as part of reconstruction of the embankment, the Rostov Girl was turned into a fountain. A water basin was arranged near the sculpture, and the figure was moved several meters sidewise and  turned to face the river. Now, it is exposed to the sun with a spectacular effect  during the daylight hours, while before that the sun-rays fell on the sculpture only half-day, as the monument had an ill-considered position.

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