The Plaza-cinema

Until 2004, our cinema was called "Pleven" and it was located in one of the most beautiful places in our city. Cinema "Pleven" began working in 1978 and immediately became one of the best cinemas in the city, along with "Russia", "Rostov" and "Jubilee." With its appearance, the cultural level of the young district has risen significantly - after all, it was here that the residents of the Soviet district spent their free time and it was here that they could get acquainted with the masterpieces of world cinema. After all, "Pleven" even at that time started simultaneously with Moscow, and our viewers could watch the same films as Muscovites, not a couple of years later, but at the same time. “Pleven” is one of the first cinemas to install slot machines in the lobby. Unfortunately, the difficult times experienced by the cinema in our country also touched Pleven. At first he began to empty, and then completely fell into disrepair. For years, people had to travel to the city center to watch the movie in a comfortable environment.

Today, the multiplex PLAZA-CINEMA is a leisure center in the Western district with a population of 250 thousand people. The cinema is located between two parks.

All-Russian and world film premieres are held in 2 cinema halls, “Blue” and “Green”, designed for 540 and 244 viewers. In the Blue Hall screen area is 210 square meters. m. Today it is the largest screen of the city, which is confirmed by the manufacturer's certificate. The halls are equipped with comfortable chairs equipped with stands for drinks and popcorn. Both “PLAZA CINEMA” halls are equipped with the most modern projection and sound equipment. 10-12 new films are shown monthly in the complex. 
Numerous discounts have also been developed and are valid (for students, pensioners, for group visits, for morning sessions, a privilege card). Spacious wardrobe, a large convenient parking and a summer terrace - create all the conditions for a perfect holiday. On the territory of the complex, in the lobby of the second floor, there is a bar-cafe for 200 visitors and children's play machines. Every month, the complex is visited from 50,000 to 70,000 people.

In December 2009 in the blue hall of the multiplex “Plaza Cinema”, equipment based on 3D technologies was installed, providing demonstration of films in a three-dimensional image. Now, residents and guests of our city will be able to watch 3D movies on the largest 3D screen in the South of Russia. Viewers can watch what is happening on the screen in special “active” stereo -3D glasses, which, unlike ordinary 3D glasses, make the effects brighter, more colorful and realistic. 3D glasses are more durable, with built-in inflection points and replaceable batteries, lightweight and stylish, it is convenient to wear them even over ordinary glasses, suitable for both adults and children with environmentally friendly diodes

September 12, 2009 on the territory of the entertainment complex "Plaza Cinema" a restaurant-club "Notre Dame" was opened. Also on the territory of the complex there are: a bookmaker’s office, computer equipment shop “CSN”, “Svyaznoy”, “Phoenix”, restaurant “Rice”, dance studio “Dancing City”. 

For a relatively short period of its work multiplex has become one of the favorite vacation spots of the residents of Rostov-on-Don.

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The Plaza-cinema

Rostov-on-Don, Kommunisticheskiy Ave., 30



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