#TeaRace in Rostov-on-Don

It is a running flash mob gaining traction all over the country, its aim is to help sick children in need of expensive surgeries, to promote sports at leisure, to turn people to tea traditions, to encourage positive communication with likeminded people.

The main goal of our campaign is to help children in need as much as possible. We understand that we will not be able to raise enough funds to sponsor even one surgery with our race, it is unreal.

The second and third points to focus attention on are our attitude to a healthy lifestyle and a passion for Chinese tea. After the finish line, our event will continue with a small tea party in the open air, new acquaintances and a tea-table talk, enjoying different varieties of Chinese tea. Optionally, race participants may come with their beverages and food.

The minimal contribution is 100 rubles per each participant.
All the collected money will be donated to Zhivi Malysh Foundation (and it will be recorded in the reports).
Minors are allowed to take part in the event with oral or written permission of their parents or legal representatives and are excused from paying the participation fee.

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