Excursion Merchants. Wealth and Intrigues

Excursion Merchants. Wealth and Intrigues

Rostov was often called “Russian Chicago”, “Azov Liverpool” and a merchant town. Asmolov, Maksimov, Suprunov, the Paramonov family were merchants who became famous not only in our region, but also all over the country. They made millions and spent them not only on themselves, but also on charitable causes: they built churches, hospitals, published books for the poor and so on. Our tour is made up of interesting stories, anecdotes and legends from lives of famous merchants: how they started their businesses, how they managed to succeed, how they fought against competitors, whom they left their wealth, how they lived and loved in the 19th century. This excursion is about power, cunningness, fervor and generosity.

Bus tour around Rostov-on-Don. Duration: 3 hours. Tour itinerary: Budennovsky Avenue – Bolshaya Sadovaya Street – Embankment – Pushkinskaya Street

Point of departure:  4 Bolshaya Sadovaya Street (near the building of the publishing house of the Vecherny Rostov newspaper, not far from the Suburban Railway Station).

Date: October 28, 2018.

Start: 10-00

Duration: 3 hours.

The excursion will take place, if there is a group of 10 people or more.

Price: 650 rubles per person.

The price includes transportation by comfortable and warm bus, services of a professional city guide.

To register for the tour, please call 229-49-02, 270-25-13. You can find current schedule of excursions here

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