Reading in the Park Campaign

Reading in the Park Campaign

Book lovers want to share their impressions on what they have read. And where else could they do it, except among everyone on the same page? It is interesting for everyone what their friends think, what emotions another person had, when he or she read the book. When people read together, it is more simple, interesting and faster to share impressions on what you read, when there is a person next to you who reads the same book.

The Shukshin Library offers city residents to take part in the multi-region library campaign Reading in the Park.

The campaign is held from July 20 through September 30.

The participants have to hold an event – collective readings of modern fiction (2 people or more) in park areas; follow the group:

After the event, during the campaign, participants post a short report on the event (title, description, date, number of participants, photos) in Vkontakte group, using hashtags: #ячитаю #совместноечтение #читающийпарк.

All participants will get diplomas!


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