Night of Museums at Rostov Regional Local Lore Museum

Night of Museums at Rostov Regional Local Lore Museum

Date: 15.05.2021

Start of the event: в 14:00

Location: Rostov Regional Museum of Local Lore.

On May 15, 2021, the Rostov Regional Local Lore Museum offers a cultural program, the Night of Museums 2021. More than a Museum. You will have a walking tour around the historical center of Rostov-on-Don with a visit to a mansion of F. N. Solodov. Kids will have a chance to take part in an origami making master class and a doll making master class. Everyone can have tea made in savomar in the museum’s yard. The program also includes Cossack folklore, old Russian Romantic songs, ballroom dances of the early 20th century, recitation of poems about the Great Patriotic War, a meeting session with members of the perfume collectors’ club as part of the Age of Chanel exhibition, a quiz on the history of Rostov with prize drawing. The program will end with a concert of MIRACULUM, a band of ancient musical instruments.


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