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World of Childhood as Seen by Artists, a Virtual Exhibition:

World of Childhood as Seen by Artists, a Virtual Exhibition

The Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts prepared a virtual exhibition, World of Childhood as Seen by Artists. It introduces the viewer to a special world of childhood, which was not until recently perceived as the most important period in the life of every person. Images of children changed from century to century: before the Age of Enlightenment, children were seen as little adults, so they were portrayed as small versions of adults. The modern era recognized a child as an independent personality with their own likes and interests, images of children changed, however, the theme of children was often developed in a social way. In the 20th century, artists started perceiving the world of childhood as a genuine golden age, a special period in people’s life tinged with happiness and joy, with its own mood, special psychology and depth. Portraits of kids, genre paintings with children, special events from the world of children are presented in the works of artists of the 18th-20th centuries from the collection of the Rostov museum.

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