April 18, 2022 Nichey Film

April 18, 2022 Nichey Film

Date: 18.04.2022 in 14:00

Location: Don Public Library (cinema hall)

Kolya grew up in a trouble family with an alcoholic solo mum and an elder brother who took a low road. When their mother died, Kolya’s brother was serving sentence in prison, so 12-year-old Kolya gets into a children’s home. His aunt Valentina is hardly known to him, but she is the only relative who can take him into care. She lives in another city and has not visited her sister’s family for many years and remembers Kolya as a little kid. She sees the necessity to replace his mother as an unexpected burden, as she hardly keeps body and soul together. When the voice of conscience wins over, she takes the unsociable nephew to live with her, and Kolya suspects her of interested motives and only looks for a chance to run away.

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