Akram Khan: Giselle

A two-act ballet. A tragic story about a naive girl, whose heart and mind could not stand betrayal of her lover. Bright, harsh, aggressive and at the same time soft, exotic and hypnotizing in the oriental way, hardly any other version of Giselle deserves these words more than Akram Khan's production. The audience will watch a completely different vision of the famous story, where the main character has experienced a lot in her life, but retained an ability to feel; where instead of a picturesque village and a cemetery, there is a campground and an abandoned factory. Music and dance feature oriental motives, and pointe shoes become an attribute of the other world. Only love remained unchanged, a great power at all times. Incredible in terms of intensity of passions and completely new in genre, the performance will not leave indifferent either ballet lovers or spectators who are far from classical dance.


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st. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 105

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