Akh Astakhova. New Program.

Akh Astakhova. New Program.

Irina Astakhova (known under the stage name of Akh Astakhova) is a young poet popular among literature lovers. Her performances sell out concert halls in cities and towns of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy.

The distinctive feature of Irina’s new creative turn is its powerful optimism in now life affirming lyric poetry. With her new program, Irina tells about searching for and finding a path of life and shares secrets of achieving happiness. Both readers and visitors of Astakhova’s live performances experience a strong emotional lift comparable to the state you get after attending a motivation training. No one is indifferent to Astakhova’s creativity. It touches most secret cords in everybody who has a pleasure to visit her performance. At the performances, viewers cry and say together lines learnt by heart.

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