Podarki-na-Donu Shop

We hope that, thanks to our shop, you will be able to choose gifts, souvenirs, as well as interior items for yourself and your nearest and dearest.

Call us, and we will help you with the choice!

Our website (online shop) offering gifts in Rostov-on-Don has collected on its pages the best options for gifts to suit any anniversary or holiday occasion.


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Podarki-na-Donu Shop

Адрес :
Bolshaya Sadovaya st., 46 (TSUM, ground floor)

Сайт: https://podarkidon.ru/

Email: podarkii@rambler.ru

+7(863) 250-53-22, +7(960) 448-77-70, +7(952) 562-89-67, +7(928) 199-71-14

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