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Sculpture The Father Don :

The sculptural composition The Father Don appeared at the postcard-perfect embankment, a most favorite recreation site of Rostovites, in 2013. The Father Don is a literary and folklore name of the lower Don River.

In 2013, the Administration Office of Rostov-on-Don ordered to build an exhibition hall and moorings for passengers at the embankment of the River Don. At the same time, they decided to decorate the bulwark with several distinctive sculptural compositions. Thus, six sculptures appeared there, one of them is The Father Don. The sculptor S. M. Isaev and architect Yu. Ya. Dvornikov authored the composition. An imposing man, whose look combines both noble and Cossack features, sits imperiously on a low granite pedestal. The sovereign’s orb in his right hand and the scepter hanging aside are broad hints to his powers of authority. His hat, smart high boots, a sabre in his left hand and a dirk at the waist relate him to the Cossacks. Numerous shiny parts of the monument are signs of its popularity with tourists, as all those photoed with it are eager to rub it to have good luck.
The mighty figure of the Don looks impressive against cast-iron fencing, stone slabs of the pavement and lush greenery of lawns.
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