Mother and Child Sculptural Composition

The sculptural composition Mother and Child is located in the very center of the city, in May 1 Park.

The landmark will be Theater Square.

The composition was installed in 1979. The year was declared the International Year of the Child. The main element of the composition is the figure of a woman. She is standing on one knee. With her left hand, the woman is hugging a child standing next to her. She has extended her right hand forward. A dove, a symbol of peace, is soaring from her palm. The sculptural composition is mounted on a high four-sided pedestal clad in granite. Lines from Maxim Gorky's poem are inscribed on the pedestal.

The author of the monument is Mikhail Minkus.


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Mother and Child Sculptural Composition

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перпесечение Большая Садовая ул., и Театрального просп.

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