Pervaya Milya Park

On May 1, a new park, Pervaya Milya Park, was officially opened for visitors in Rostov-on-Don. Rostovites had anticipated this event for several years.

The new public recreational space is landscaped based on the concept of a continuous ecological park. It is located in the city, stretching along the Temernik River. It features a network of footpaths and bicycle paths, benches with sunshades, cozy places for recreation, flower beds, groves, a hinged bridge over the river.

The linear park stretches along the river and connects the Zoo and Oktyabrya Park. Now you can move between these two locations along the landscaped space. An entrance group was created near the zoo.


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Pervaya Milya Park

Адрес :
intersection of the street Vavilova and st. Sheboldaeva

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