Army Voskresensky cathedral

The main architectural sight of Starocherkassk - the Army Voskresensky cathedral (1706-1719), which decorates a Maidan. It is unique on architecture and internal furniture, the most ancient temple of Don. It has been put at the initiative of Peter I and at its personal participation. The tsar has put some bricks in an altar part of a cathedral.

Shakes a fine iconostasis with 125 icons of the middle of 18 centuries, executed in the technician of woodcarving. Cathedral choruses are painted on Gospel and Bible plots. And near to a cathedral the tent tower-belltower has shot up, the height 4 m (unique in the south of Russia) in which cellar there was a prison earlier, and stored army archive. Much is remembered by ancient stones of the Cherkassk cathedral. Remember, how in June, 1820 there has arrived here A. Pushkin. Remember stones of an old cathedral and other well-known city visitors: A Suvorov, V. Surikov, E.Pugachev, N. Pogodin, V. Shukshin.

History of the Voskresensky cathedral inseparably linked with a name of the ataman Stepan Razin. He was born in Cherkassk. Here is the powerful metal chain which, under the legend, Razin has been chained, waiting sendings to Moscow on execution. The chain has specially been exposed in cathedral gallery to frighten the freedom-loving Cossacks, to force to refuse attempts to dethrone tsarism.


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