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Engineering History Museum :

“Computer Machines”, “Printers and Copiers”, “Sound Recorders”, “Radio and Television”, “Telegraph and Telephone”, “Photography and Amateur Cinematography” – collection is made of six categories, where you can trace the historic development of each type of machinery. The antique exhibits were collected through whole Russia, and some of them came from abroad. You can see old exhibits: first calculating machines (arithmometers and comptometers) and first computers, first TV sets (with a lens), reproducing speaker and terminal loudspeakers, vacuum tube and transistor radio sets, telegraph printers, music-boxes, polyphones, telephones, phonograph, gramophones, victrolas, electrophones, typing machines, telephones, mimeograph (copier prototype), first cameras, and amateur motion picture cameras, cinema projector and overhead lantern filmstrip projector, and many-many other.        

Exposition is equipped with sensor monitors, using which any visitor can all by himself know all the information about any exhibit.

Schedule: from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday and Tuesday are days off. Group tours are held by appointment.

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Адрес :
Voroshilovsky Avenue, 65/102, basement floor (corner of Pushkinskaya St.)

Сайт: http://itdrevnosti.ru/

+7(863) 298-71-19

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