Angelina Zviller

The gallery offers hand-made silk embroidery paintings. Silk embroidery is a very old art form. Of course, it originated in China. Now, four large schools of embroidery are popular there. Most works in the gallery are made by artists of the Suzhou school. Craftswomen use a thousand of types of embroidery threads and forty types of seams. Threads have the softest feel, and they shine nicely. You can examine the embroidered masterpieces to the minutest stitches at the cozy gallery. As well as see, fall in love and buy for yourself!

Working hours:
Mon-Sun: 11:00-19:00

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Angelina Zviller

Категории (теги): #Развлекательный (досуговый)

Адрес :
per. Ostrovskogo, 36



+7 (863) 269 51 90 , +7 (903) 405 14 00

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