Sculptural Composition “Rostov Girl”

The figure of young Rostov girl impersonates a hearty hostess welcoming visitors to Rostov-on-Don. Anatoly Sknarin, sculptor from Rostov, created the image of a young girl with loose hair: free like a wind she spreads her hands facing the sun. During the reconstruction works of embankment the Rostov girl sculpture was converted into a new fountain. A fountain basin of 5,5 meters in diameter was constructed at the feet of the sculpture. The sculpture was also half-turned facing the Don river, and before the “Rostov Girl” watched the embankment perspective and was surrounded with the carpet of flowers. The sculpture pedestal bears a plate with the verses of Lev Oshanin, famous songwriter of Soviet era:

“… there are fair girls not only in Rostov-on-Don…

But I shall be absolutely frank saying, that

Rostov girls are the people of All-Russia (Soviet Union) level of beauty!”

The sculptural composition at the embankment was installed in 1983. Many spectators compare the Rostov girl with Aphrodite: just like the goddess of love she comes out of the waves, but not from a sea, but from the Don river. One has to come to the embankment between the Soborny and Semashko Lanes to adore the generalized character of the Rostov-on-Don women. 

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Sculptural Composition “Rostov Girl”

Beregovaya Street, 12

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