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“Tachanka (Four-Horse Machine-Gun Cart)” Monument to the 1st Cavalry Army:

“Tachanka (Four-Horse Machine-Gun Cart)” Monument to the 1st Cavalry Army

You shall see well fr om any spot at Zadonye (area across the Don river) the four horses, unrestrainedly storming in the single move with the cart, driver, and gun team ready to launch the hail of bullets to the enemy after the cart makes a sharp turn. The authors succeeded to stop the split second, and show the cart, running at full blast, so that you can see no reins and spokes.      

Memorial plate at the pedestal of the monument notes that it is devoted to the First Cavalry Army. It is here, at the left bank of the Don river, wh ere the slogging fight of the First Cavalry Army headed by Semen Budenny against the retreating units of the Volunteer Army of Anton Denikin took place in January 1920.

Decades slip along, life values and convictions modify, and “Tachanka-Rostovchanka (four-horse cart with a machine gun from Rostov)” just as before keeps to stay the benchmark monument well-known among the residents of Southern capital of Russia. 

Authors: sculptors V. Batiay, A. Kosolapov, A. Sknarin, architect P. Ibalakov. 

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“Tachanka (Four-Horse Machine-Gun Cart)” Monument to the 1st Cavalry Army

Адрес :
Rostov oblast, East of the highway

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