And Quiet Flows the Don Performance

The production, supported by regional authorities, was to celebrate the writer’s 110th anniversary and was delivered in the Year of Literature in Russia, proclaimed by the Russian President.

The first night of And Quiet Flows the Don took place on April 24, 2015. TV, radio and online broadcasts of the performance resonated well with huge viewing audience. Approximately, over 3 million people have watched the performance. This theater project can be regarded as a unique theater event even on a nationwide scale.

The stage director Gennady Shaposhnikov managed to create a unique production. His take on characters is very interesting. Throughout the whole performance –from first to last minute – he reveals Grigori’s restless soul. Both Aksinia, who suffered her love to Grigory in the course of her hard life, and Natalya are excellent. The nature of elderly characters shows tremendously strong. All the characters of the performance play vibrant and lively parts – the stage director found a distinctive niche for everyone within the broad scene of the performance.

The performance became a genuine hallmark of the theater and the region. Both spectators and the Russian theater public appreciated it. The performance never fails to have full houses in its home theater.

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