Performance In Love! Clever, Artful

In Love! Clever, Artful is one of the highest-grossing productions of the theater, despite the fact that the performance has been running in the theater since 2004.

Lope de Vega is a true master of playwriting: 2,200 comedies, dramas, solemn mystery plays. In all the genres, he inimitably produced head-spinning intrigues, sharp characters, humorous dialogues. In Love but Discreet is one of his best comedies.

The adaptation In Love! Clever, Artful is a vibrant, classical comedy of cloak and sword with an intricate plot, a twisting love storyline, noble characters, cunning villains, heroic fights, beautiful senoritas and several happy weddings in the final. The production sparkles with Spanish passion and humor, dazzles with music and dancing.

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