Onegin Performance

Onegin is a performance giving impressions, reflections on what is a today’s Onegin. Eugene Onegin appeared as an immortal character, recognizable, but alien at the same time. A type of a Russian nobleman, he does not quite belong there. Contemporaries compared him to Byron’s Childe Harold. What does he look like to us now? Eclectic, interwoven with music and plasticity of the reality, slightly ironical and wild. That’s what he appears to be on the stage of the Youth Theater. 

The performance defies stereotypes – it is an original production, structured musically, rigidly and emotionally. The stage director shuns away from a poetic flair, he breaks the rhythm of a phrase, he is attracted to the prose of existence, he is an enemy to grandiloquence and false lyrism. With his performance, he destroys a clutter of memories of what was seen and read before. He reveals a new meaning in the character and plot.

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