Performance A Tenant, or A Fairy Tale for Adults

Performance A Tenant, or A Fairy Tale for Adults

Date: 19.03.2021.

The beginning of the performance: 20:00.

Location: Theater and Exhibition Center MAKARONKA.

Right on the New Year’s Eve Mikhail finds himself in strange circumstances: he is lying in front of the door of a woman whom he loves and who rejected him, without his bag with money, phone and important documents. An adventure begins, when a tenant Natalya unlocks a neighboring door, she is a young girl with a nice face, an ideal Russian salad, an extreme sense of justice and a mysterious probing look… The closer we get to know Natalya, the clearer the detective storyline of the New Year romantic comedy is: who on earth might know that every character will recognize their real love thanks to the siege of the police?


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18th Line St., 8

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