Performance Lucky Number (Looking for a Wife. Reasonably Priced)

Performance Lucky Number (Looking for a Wife. Reasonably Priced)

Date: 16.03.2021, 31.03.2021

The beginning of the performance: 18:30.

Location: Rostov Drama Theater

A light and mischievous comedy about the life of the main character – a millionaire who is daydreaming to prove a success in his romantic life as well.  But how can he check that his wife to-be is interested in him, but not in his fortune? The character opts for quite an off-beat method – he pretends to be a plain worker of a retirement fund to organize an examination for candidates, and his artistic mother and a friend with a roving eye help him in his task. Brilliant work of actors, simple, but amusing scenery will bring you into the world of comedy – light and mischievous, just like the real life sometimes is.


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Teatralnaya sq., 1

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