2018 Rostov Ring

Rostov Ring, a track-and-field distance run, will take place for the 39th time in Rostov.

For the first time, Rostovites will have an opportunity not only to run around the center of the city, but also to take part in a unique multimedia running excursion tour.

The total distance is 38 kilometers, four rest stations will be provided along the route.

Rostov Ring will be held in a new format. We are willing not only to engage as many participants as possible, with different level of training, but also to show how modern and touristically attractive our city is. That’s why a considerable part of the route reconciled with the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection goes along the central streets of Rostov.

To take part in the distance run, you should register and get a bib number. All the participants start from Theater Square, at 8.30 a. m. Along the route, road traffic will be partially restricted. Rostov Ring is held at the initiative of the Administration Office of Rostov-on-Don.

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