Transformers Show No. 1

Attention, transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime have prepared a super cool day-off for you and your kid!

This is an awesome two-hour show with interactive engagement of kids into thrilling adventures.

They charge their guns and get ready to take the wraps off magic artifacts for brave, active and fun guys.

Imagine how delighted your kid will be, when they see huge funky robots equipped with bleeding-edge, powerful gear, laser lighting, cold fumes and… Need you hear all your kid will be able to see, as well as to touch, experience, feel… As if right from the cartoon, but even better, as our robots are real and can even talk in mechanical voices! Not only will your kid get plenty of good vibes, but also they will have bright, atmospheric photos and a ceremonial admission to the Defenders of the Earth and a memorable badge from transformers.

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