Time of Swords Festival

The Neklinovsky district invites to visit Time of Swords, a festival of true brutality and passion for history, which will take place on August 18, 2018.

There you will have a chance to plunge for a while into the medieval period, feel the spirit of chivalry, admire beautiful costumes and armor suits, participate in various events.

At the festival, you will be able to talk to people passionate about the history of the Middle Ages, enjoy vivid performances of folklore and ethnographic groups, buy exclusive works of craftsmen and artisans from the Neklinovsky and Matveyevo-Kurgansky districts, Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don, who are willing to share tricks of their craft at masterclasses (in blacksmithing, weaving, making toys of straw and clay). And also to imagine yourself a Robin Hood and practice archery.

Participants of historical medieval fights will demonstrate their strength, skills and resilience in battle, and entrants of the archery tournament will show their marksmanship.

The festival will be held in a picturesque place on the bank of the Mius River. It starts at noon on August 18, at Davidashen recreation camp of Nikolaevka stanitsa. 

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