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The Bison Track Show 2018:

The Bison Track Show is a unique event when farm workers reveal their other self. They become daring racers and compete driving the tractors they use for work every day.

Tractor races are a challenge to everyday routine. They are something that cannot technically exist. As a field engine is not a racing car. Participants and viewers parallel cleared obstacles, the fight outside the realm of the possible to their everyday life. You are in Russia, and this sport is absolutely Russian. It is globally unmatched! In 2005, the Bison Track Show was listed as one of the sights of the Rostov region.

Risky speed sections, dangerous corners, water obstacles, springboards... Once a year tractors might fly! Dozens of thousands of viewers come here from all over the country and abroad specifically to watch the show. For a reason, the reputed Vokrug Sveta magazine put these tractor races in the must-see list of wonders.

On May 20, Rostov-on-Don will be the center of the Russian field engine sport for the 16th time. Thirty racers anticipate the most complicated 15 km track and eight legs of a close-fought battle. Entrants will have earnest fighting fueled by sports gusto and adrenaline. The rally winners will bring glory to their farms. The best racers will get new field engines and farming equipment.

Along with that, a parade of unusual means of transport will be held as part of the Bison Track Show 2018.

4 km of the Rostov-Taganrog Highway. May 20, 2018. 10.00 a. m.

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