Burito Concert

The Burito lead singer has always surprised the audience with his broken rhymes and hard rhythms. His lyrics are for those who can think, for whom music is not just the background. Burito’s videos literally hit the web with their unexpected perspectives and scripts. And duets with many Russian performers are broadcast nationwide.

“The group’s core concept is creativity outside the box, without limitations, synthesis”.

And the frames really do not exist – you cannot definitely label the group as belonging to one music style. They play rap-core, R’n’B, alternative, hard rock with hip-hop elements – and the list is far from being complete.

Millions watch the group’s songs on Youtube, they get into Itunes and Shazam top charts, Burito group received or was nominated for numerous Russian musical awards.

At the concert, the lead singer will sing his popular hits and offbeat versions to impress the viewers.

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