Safronov Brothers’ Show

Spectators have been familiar with art of the illusionists, the Safronov Brothers, for 15 years. After they came into the national spotlight on the Pervy Channel, the illusionists never lowered sights, producing incredible performances. They authored the trick, Teleportation of a person from Geneva to Montreux, productions of Svetlana Surganova’s concerts, Legend, Ukrainian Miracles, Teleport, Empire of Illusions, Lightning shows.

During the 15 years, over five million people have visited the artists’ performances. The Safronovs hold the Forbes’ title of Russian Illusionists Number One. The magicians’ creative is globally recognized — the Safronovs are members to the New York International Magician Club. The brothers achieved national prominence, after they took part in the TNT Channel project, The Battle of Extrasensory, as its hosts.

The Safronovs’ Show impresses even the sophisticated public. Tricks, transformations, illusions, lighting technology, sound accompaniment, choreography are created by the best world-class professionals.

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