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Slava's Snowshow:

Slava's Snowshow has received many most prestigious theater awards. Newspapers and magazines from Broadway to New Zealand wrote about it, critics called it “theater classics” and titled Slava Polunin “the world’s best clown”.

Slava's Snowshow has toured nearly the whole world. And everywhere it enjoyed full house, success and verbal appreciation and childish excitement in the eyes of spectators of all ages. It is not that obvious who has more fun, when huge balloons fly into the audience hall at the end of the performance. Adults turn into kids, and kids make snowballs of paper snow with joy and excitement, willing never to leave the performance.

Everybody will find something for them. For some, this performance will be a lyrical reminiscence of childhood, for others, a striking story of loneliness. Somebody will have a good laugh at awkward characters that live in this world, and others will have tears in their eyes because of heart-rending timidness of a little man in the blue abyss of the universe... And love, like a cobweb, will wrap up everybody in the hall and make them feel joyful to tears, have a lump in their throat, bend down to take a piece of soft snow as a keepsake, it will burst out with excitement in the end and will never let you forget it, it will excite you with strange wonderful memories for a long time.

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