Concord Orchestra. The Best

Date: 26.04.2021 

Show start: 19:00.

Location: House of officers

The world’s first dancing symphony orchestra Concord Orchestra presents a new show Symphonic Rock Hits, The Best program. The musicians will perform new versions of songs by your favorite rock bands, so that crazy sounds of the rock hits will take your breath away. We have picked the best, the most beautiful, the most catching rock hits over the five years of guest performances. The program includes the songs you love and expect to listen to. We will offer you an unforgettable show and a chance to visit concerts of various rock groups at the same time! Performers are not confined to their seats – they dance with their instruments, improvise and rock the stage.  The symphony orchestra performs all the numbers from memory and without music sheets on the stand. Light effects and unique video installations set the tone and make the show awesomely vivid. 


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Budennovsky ave., 34

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