Natalya Krasnova

Date: 19.03.2021.

The beginning of the concert: 19:00.

Location: Rostselmash Cultural Center

Can sex be fun? Of course, it can! If Russia’s sexiest standup comedian Natalya Krasnova will tell about it. In her standup sketches, Natalya tells all the truth about relationships, men, women, their endless battle and infinite silliness. She will unveil many women’s secrets: how to look like 37, when you are 38, she will relate what is an ideal man and where he disappears, when you get sober, she will tell you whom to date so that to avoid an appointment with a skin specialist. And of course, she will laugh at your problems together with you. Her standup routines are more than just a show, it is an interactive theater, where you are not just a viewer, but more like an old friend with whom there is always something to discuss. 


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Selmash ave., 3

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