Emblematic Performance Chapayev and Void

It is one of the most successful and offbeat performances on the contemporary Russian stage. A star-studded performance with daring production based on the unconventional literary work has been incredibly popular with the audience for 15 years. The spectator is between two worlds; in one of them,  the heroic division commander V. Chapayev and his sidekick Petka strive to tackle the rationale for all that is happening in the universe, and in the other, a patient of a mental health institution is lost in his surrealist reveries.   Despite the seemingly reckless plot, Chapayev and Void, known in the US as Buddha's Little Finger and in the UK as Clay Machine Gun, is a philosophic performance that is strikingly     sad and incredibly fun and on-point at the same time. M. Efremov, M. Politseymako, theater and cinema stars, manage to elaborately bridge together all the time periods of the events  - the Civil War, the contemporary mental health institution and the great Void that the characters finally leave for…


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Gagarin sq., 1

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