Amphitryon, the Art of Hospitality Business Forum :

Amphitryon, the Art of Hospitality Business Forum
From November 21 through November 25, 2018, Sochi will host the Russian National Business Forum, AMPHITRYON, the Art of Hospitality. More than it is.  Building a client-oriented business, keys for success.
The event is aimed at building up managerial potential, enhancing business competitiveness, seeding state-of-the-art technologies, knowhow and practices; integrating the business community and consolidating all the efforts to hold various world-class events.
The Forum is held for professionals and leadership of companies in event management, management of sports facilities, management of the hospitality industry, hotel and restaurant owners, travel agencies.
As part of the business forum, organizers plan to offer venues to present creative ideas, launch new formats in event, sports, family, educational and agricultural tourism.
Please inquire about participation in the forum by phone: 8(862) - 266-06-16, Victoria Popova.
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