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National Touristic Web-Portal – is a very needed step on the way to provide the Russian and foreign tourists with true and reliable information about traveler attractions and points of interest in this country. Most significantly the web-portal perfectly fits for smart-phones and tablet computers, as the first and the most important stage of a tour is the spark of inspiration and choice of travel direction, and most often the tourists do the choice of all others using their mobile gadgets.

Rostov Dolhinarium was opened in 2009. The buildings now used by dolphinarium are really unique: they were specially designed to accommodate the dolphinarium. The complex consists of three pools for keeping dolphins and seals (Pinnipeds), three convenient stands and bright scenery designs. All of it cannot but attract big number of spectators. In the dolphinarium you can get acquainted closer with the world of talented sea animals.

Rostov Zoo, one of the largest in Russia, locates in Rostov-on-Don.

Rostov Zoo is a participant of 37 programs for preservation of threatened and endangered species. Animal expositions are put into the landscape of an old park considering the terrain features. Old oak trees of, over 150 years old, limes, pines, and poplars are preserved here. There are four man-made lakes in the Zoo. It creates special environment favorable for animals and humans.

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