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Religious buildings

The main architectural sight of Starocherkassk - the Army Voskresensky cathedral (1706-1719), which decorates a Maidan. It is unique on architecture and internal furniture, the most ancient temple of Don. It has been put at the initiative of Peter I and at its personal participation. The tsar has put some bricks in an altar part of a cathedral.
Church of Armenian monastery Surb-Khach (Holy Cross) (1786 - 1792) is the monument of history and architecture of federal level. It is the oldest building, which has survived within contemporary city limits to our days. 
The temple was founded in 1875. The construction was sponsored by Aladzhalov, after the drawings and drafts of I.E. Khatranov. The both constructors were later on buried by the northwestern facade of the building. The temple construction continued for more than five years. It was consecrated on June 11, 1881.
The main cathedral of the Rostov episcopacy was built in 1860 under the pattern project of the architectural academician K. A. Ton (a similar project was used at the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow). It was constructed where the old church used to stand that could not provide room for the entire parish and that was situated in the very center of the city in the mid 19th century not far from the first building of the City administration (P. R. Maksimovs house). The cathedral bell-tower was erected afterwards in 1885 on the funds of Rostov merchants under the project of the architect Anton Championi. During was and post-war time the bell-tower was deconstructed and in 1999 it was reconstructed to its initial condition. In front of the cathedral there stands a monument to the heavenly patron of Rostov-on-Don the holy hierarch Dimitry Rostovsky. The metropolitan of Rostov and Yaroslavl Dimitry (1651-1709) is a prominent churchman of the epoch of Peter the Great, author of the Hagiography (Book of Lives of Saints), author of numerous religious works. The works of Dimitry Rostovsky were on the compulsory curriculum of the pre-revolutionary education in Russia. Stanislavsky Str., 58
In 1903 the Rostov Administration allotted a two dessiatinas land plot 20 versts far from the city for construction of the nunnery. The convent was patronized by merchant S. I. Fedorov that is why the people called it Fedorovsky monastery. The legend says that the merchant bought the monastery for his daughter who wished to detach from the world. In a couple of years on the monastery land there was erected a wooden chapel and cells that were further replaced by stone ones. Over the healing spring there was erected a cupel and a hegumeness house nearby. There were arranged a monastery garden and a pond. In 1905 the architect N. M. Sokolov executed the project of a small stone monastery temple. The construction was completed in 1908. The temple was named after the Iverskaya Icon of Holy Madonna whose image was given to the monastery by the patron merchant Fedorov. Nowadays in the reconstructed monastery there are more then 30 nuns. Each day they hold divine services in the monastery temple, work in the household plot and execute other monastery obedience duties. Neklinovskaya Str., 4 +7 (863) 235 41 63

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