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Architectural monuments

The legendary tachanka (four-horse cart with machine-gun) is a grand monument, which turned into the business card of Rostov-on-Don metropolis several decades ago, welcomes the local citizens, and thousands of transit transport passengers coming from the South. 
Church of Armenian monastery Surb-Khach (Holy Cross) (1786 - 1792) – is the monument of history and architecture of federal level. It is the oldest building, which has survived within contemporary city limits to our days. 
The monument to Dmitry Donskoy is situated in front of the Rostov Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (1885) with the bell tower; this is the architectural monument of the 19th century, constructed after the project of the famous Russian architect K.A. Ton. The architect became famous due to such projects as the Christ the Savior Temple, the Big Kremlin Palace, the Armory in Moscow and as the founder of the Russian-Byzantine style in the religious architecture.
The War Memorial was erected at the main square of Rostov to commemorate the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders on February 14, 1943. The monument installed here on the eve of 40th anniversary of the Great Victory reminds to the city dwellers and visitors about the war-time tragedy. 
The sculpture group made by Sergei Oleshnia, Rostov sculptor, includes a series of historic figures significant for the city.

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